Apple Corer
Delivering a novel fruit serve during mealtimes, in front of your residents. Apples can be difficult to eat, they are a thin skin crisp fruit. Apples are a good source of fibre, carbohydrate, Vitamin C and potassium. Aged care residents often have problems with their teeth or need to wear dentures. This makes it difficult for a resident to crunch their way through an apple. Therefore, the apple corer makes it easy to provide a freshly peeled sliced piece of fruit. The apple corer is a simple piece of equipment to operate and can be secured to a trolley. They are easy to find and can be purchased from Catering stores. I saw this being operated in an aged care dining room during lunch and evening meals.   The residents enjoyed the thinly sliced apple pieces.  As for how long it took a staff to peel and slice one apple, less than 30 seconds. What a nice way to serve fresh apples to your residents. The Foodservice Centre has loads of helpful foodservice resources. To keep up to date with Nutrition & Catering Global Hub (NAC GH) make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter.

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