About Dr Karen Abbey

- Director of Nutrition & Catering Consultancy Pty Ltd
- Foodservice Specialist Dietitian APD PhD
- 25+ years national and international experience in
foodservices and catering operates

This includes aged care foodservices, community meal delivery services, Meals on Wheels and residential aged care settings.


- B. Sc Hon Human Nutrition
- Grad Dip Nutr & Diet Master Health Science Management, PhD
- Cert IV Assessor and Trainer Cert III Commercial Cookery Services

Nutrition and Catering Consultancy

Nutrition and Catering Consultancy (NACC) has been providing a range of consultancy services for over 25 years.

Scope of Services of NACC

- Foodservice auditing and review services
- Menu review and auditing services
- Dining room and meal services
- Equipment reviews and advice
- National and international foodservice and nutrition
training training services
- Foodservice design support and remodeling
- Chef in house kitchen support program
- Nutrition assistant industry development
- Industry product development, marketing and design

If you have a foodservice operation we have a service and a top team of foodservice dietitians to support you.

For all rates and to discuss your requirements please contact Karen on 0417 608 206 or use the let's talk form below.


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