Variety of Sausages

There are varying opinions regarding sausages and how healthy they are. But the good thing about sausages is that they are easy to prepare and easy to eat. Sausages are usually higher in fat than some other meats, but they are also very tasty and versatile.

Sausage        Energy             Protein       Fat          CHO
Thin (1)         482kJ (115cal)   7.0g             8.7g         2.2g
Thick (1)        788kJ (188cal)   11.4g          14.2g       3.6g

Sausages make a good meat alternative and can add considerable variety to a menu. Sausages also provide a different meat texture and cooking style.  Sausages come in a range of flavours, chicken, beef, and lamb. Plain or with herbs, spices, garlic and curry added.  Sausages don’t have to be stuffed into a casing, the range in size and shape can be cured and fermented like salami. They can be served so many ways with vegetables, salads, pasta, and rice and eaten slapped between pieces of bread with onions and tomato sauce. Let’s not forget how good a sausage taste on a BBQ.

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