Menu Cookery Support

This is a unique service offered to support aged care homes in the development and quality in menu planning for residents who are receiving texture modified meals. I believe that most menu items can be vitamised/pureed and this personalised in-house training will adapt your menu, ensure quality of meal service, and tackle the foods considered too hard or not suitable to vitamise/puree. I spend time looking at the range of meal options across the textures and coming up with comparable products with your chefs and cooks.


– Practical hands-on instruction, using your menu and kitchen to reduce repetition and improve the dining experience.
– Tips to increase variety of foods and taste options for residents
– Presentation techniques to reduce sight fatigue – a number of techniques will be shown and demonstrated
– Instructions on how to do bread, pasta, rice and many more foods not normally associated with vitamised and minced meals
– Working with your cooks and chefs to make immediate changes to meal presentation and menu
nutritional information, food fortification and recipe development

This training will inspire, and increase confidence and daring to create meals which look comparable to the original meals.

For all rates and to discuss your requirements please contact Karen on 0417 608 206 or use the form below.

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