• Nutrition and Catering Consultancy is about…

    Food Knowledge
    Food Preparation and Good Health

  • Nutrition and Catering Cookery

    Quality menu planning, practical preparation and presentation of vitamised/puree meals,
    menu integration, nutritional menu support in your kitchen with Dr Karen Abbey

  • Menu review/audit and support service

    Menu nutrition, balance and adequacy
    Menu development
    Recipe development and analysis

  • Presenting, Publications, articles and academic content

    Be inspired by Karen’s passion and vast knowledge of foodservices.
    Invite Dr Karen Abbey as an educator or trainer onto your program, publications, webinars

Menu Cookery Support

This is a unique service offered to support aged care homes in the development and quality in menu planning for residents who are receiving texture modified meals.

Public Speaking and Events

Karen has been providing her time to present at conferences and workshops for over 20 years, both here and internationally. Karen has presented at all the major Australian aged care conferences – Dietitian Association of Australia, Institute of Hospitality in HealthCare, Fine Food and National Procurement.

Menu Reviews

Achieve accreditation for your menu or simply get a detailed nutritional overview. Karen applies Australian Standards for nutritional adequacy and balance. Menu planning and design is provided.

Nutrition and Catering Consultancy has been in operation for over 21 years and provides specialist services to the foodservice industry across all sectors. Including education, community, residential aged care restaurants and the foodservice industry.

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